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Explosive Iron is owned and operated by competing pro powerliftersOur mission is to bring the Powerlifting community the best possible products at the best possible prices. Our passion is ALL THINGS POWERLIFTING. Period

I’ve been involved in gym life since I was 14, but things really got serious with me when I started TRAINING, as opposed to WORKING OUT At that time, I had no idea of private training facilities, Powerlifting gyms, and CrossFit. At this point all I knew was commercial gyms or community fitness centres. So Explosive Iron was born, with a Texas Deadlift bar in hand. I carried this bar to the gym with me on pulling days, then guys I knew would ask me to use it on other days, essentially ensuring my having to lug the bar to the gym many days a week.

Long story short, this is how it went down in the following days. Additions to the bar (which I had to carry with me)were chains, next item was a power bar, and it turned out that every few weeks another item would be acquired.

They were: ssb, more chains, monolift attachment for a cage, and numerous smaller but essential items. This is the point where Gage Stephens (an Explosive Iron Powerlifting Team alumni who’s also my close friend & training partner) suggested using a 600sq foot shop on his property as a physical home for Explosive Iron.

This was the game changer, as it gave us a bricks and mortar base that we were able to outfit as per what a competitive powerlifter would need.


Being that all of the above was on mine and Gages dime, I quickly realized that I needed additional sources to sustain this passion. I began looking for products with owners that shared my passion, and were hell bent on providing the best items. I started to sell and distribute these things to others in the powerlifting community. We have a long time association with Proloc Collars & Skull Smash Ammonia Inhalants.

Both of these stellar products are the best out there in their respective fields. We aim to only bring you items that are the best. In 2017, with the advent of a new addition to the Stephens family, Explosive Iron Powerlifting Club was relocated to a commercial space in Welland. The Explosive Iron Powerlifting Co was born, designing, testing & producing powerlifting products. Our flagship products are the Explosive Black wrist & knee wrap line, and the Explosive OG wrist wraps.

I’m very proud of my final product, this is a direct result of boys from Explosive and friends of Explosive who’s sweat and hard work testing, redesigning and re testing numerous times, has resulted in this final product. These are designed by competitive lifters , for lifters.

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Professional Powerlifting Training

Professional Powerlifting Training